“Discover A Step-By-Step System To Become A Published Author In Record Time…

Then FLIP Your Book For Instant Cash!”

Dear Friend,

Did you know that becoming a published author is REALLY easy? In fact…

  •  It’s not hard to write a PHENOMENAL book people want to read in a very short amount of time…
  •  You can use the internet to show you EXACTLY what people want to know about in any given niche… (Even if you JUST entered the niche today!)
  •  It’s MINDBLOWINGLY EASY to boost your authority, impress your friends, and create a new stream of income for your business!

I know this may come as a surprise for you, since some people make it sound harder than it is. But the fact is…

If You Want To Become A

Published Author Of A World-Class Book…

…then you can do so with VERY little effort.

Now – I don’t mean you can throw up spam, but you can write a GREAT book in a very short amount of time. Much shorter than you probably think.

You see, not only can I show you a stupid-simple system to near-effortlessly write ANY book in almost ANY niche…

(Which, by the way, you can also easily outsource…)

But I can also show you to how to squeeze every bit of profit out of that book.

Also Sell Your Book For Instant Cash…

…and then you’ll have become an author AND introduced a very easy profit funnel into your business.

See, the thing is, books have a VERY high perceived value.

While some investors may pay a hundred bucks or so for a site with a few articles, you could put in the same amount of work, put it into a book…

And voila! People will pay double, triple, or even more for that same content.

Not bad for a few hours work, right?

So if you’re interested in some extra cash…

Then This Course Is The One
You’ve Been Looking For.

And I know that might sound like a bold statement, but I think I can honestly say that, since I’ve seen this course from both sides.

I didn’t actually create the first version of Book Flips.

In fact, I came across it as a CUSTOMER.

I saw the sales letter for this product and became instantly intrigued. It took me a total of 5 seconds to hit the “buy button”, and I was blown away at how easy everything is.

The course was so deliciously good that I HAD to have it and sell it as my own. I bought rights to the product and made this my pet project — doing everything I could to help as many people make easy money by flipping books as possible.

And even though the original course was phenomenal, I did everything I could to make it even BETTER.

I’ve added templates, word-for-word scripts you could use when flipping your books, and a lot more.

And No… You Won’t Need To
Spend A Lot Of Money To Make Money.

The only thing you’ll need to succeed with this is a domain name (about $8), hosting for the site ($5/month), a proof of your book (a few dollars), and $19 to list a site on Flippa.

That’s a total ONE-TIME investment of under $50… and your book is going to flip for anywhere between $200 and $500. That’s a 4x – 10x investment.

Wouldn’t you like to spend $1 to get $4 back? Or $10?

I don’t know about you, but I’d do that day in and out.

And remember, if you decide to post more books, you won’t need to keep paying for hosting.

Book Flips

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

 Exactly how the greenest newbie can succeed with this system

  •  Exactly which niches to focus on for your books — and how to do “market research” in under an hour
  • Why you don’t need to market your book at all… but how you’ll probably make sales effortlessly before you flip your site anyway
  •  The sneaky way to pinpoint exactly what your book topic should be… this information comes straight from the source and you’ll have your answer in mere minutes
  • Multiple content creation methods that mean you can complete your book with ease… there is something for everyone, whether you love writing or would rather not write a word
  • What you need to do to command the highest possible price for your listing… stomp on the competition and ensure you get top dollar
  •  Step by step system to getting your book ready for sale. In just a few minutes from the start, you’ll be a published author!
  • What one little thing you need to do to ensure a successful book flip… this will skyrocket the price people bid and have you shining like a star in the auction marketplace
  •  Exactly where to set your listing up, and which options to choose so your listing will stand out to your best prospective buyers
  •  One sneaky little trick to close the sale, almost every single time (it’s such a win-win situation, your buyers will be clamoring over themselves to win the auction!)

The ideas presented in my course are out-of-the-box, but they flat out work.

I really worked tirelessly to do a good job… and it looks as if others agreed.

What REAL Customers Say:


“$*,*** in less than 20 days!”

“If you have any questions about this system — if you have any doubts — let me alleviate them now. I made way more than my initial investment in less than 20 days — and I don’t mean by a few hundred dollars either!

I took the Book Flips system, added some of my minor twists and made $*** on my first website. Over the next 16 days, I had grossed $*,*** in website sales!! Yes, I do add my own twists and customize the copy a bit, but I really don’t think they factor in as much as many think.

What’s even better is I have customers that contact me – after the auctions – angry with themselves that they missed it! They now BEG me to contact them when I put something new up!”

– Ron Bourgh

* Results removed to comply with FTC


“One of the best products I’ve purchased.”

I was one of the original purchasers. I thought it was good course already…

I just use WordPress and one of the many free WP themes for my book websites so yea I can have it all done in a day but of course I need to wait for the book proof copy and for it to be listed on Amazon. But as you wait for that, you can work on the next book so that’s not a problem.

…One of the best products I’ve purchased.

The idea is fresh and out-of-the-box in a world of same-same.

…a steal.”

– Alan Petersen



“Among The Most Unique, Inventive, And Effective That I Have Ever Seen… EVER.”

– Ron Parker



As you can see, people just like you have gotten a LOT of value from my course.

And I’m positive YOU will get a lot from it, too.

EVERYTHING You Need To Succeed

Is Included In This Course.

***(Updated and Revised for 2012!)***

As mentioned, I went out of my way to add a LOT to the original course. I wanted to make crystal-clear confident you have everything you need to start making money RIGHT AWAY.

And you’re getting the whole kit and kaboodle:

The Main Course…

  •  A super-thorough PDF guide explaining the entire system
  •  6 Module Guides – All of the information turned into modules to make one easy-to-follow system.
  •  See the BIG picture with my new mindmap


The Book Flips Tool Kit…

  •  Track all of your books – and book flipping income – on the Excel spreadsheet
  • Make sure you’ve got every step covered with my “simple as ABC, 123″ Project Checklists
  •  Plan it, and Achieve it with the Project Management Worksheet
  •  Auction Listing Templates to give you a Flippa Quick-Start… (I even include tips on how to edit them!)
  •  Don’t worry about being confused after the sale… I’ve given you a Post-Sale Buyers Guide/Transfer Of Rights Statement
  •  Site Transfer Guides for both HTML & WordPress sites
  •  A Complete Resource Directory that includes all the extra enhancements you can use for your sites (this includes FREE options)

… As Well As Some
MAJOR Bonuses

  •  10 Of My Best-Selling Book Templates
  •  6 Power-Packed Book Cover Templates
  •  50 Mini Site Templates
  •  20 WordPress sales letter themes


Plus, I’m Always Adding Extra
SURPRISE Gifts To The Download Page!


The first version of this course helped a lot of people… and now I want to help even more..

Don’t hesitate though…

The longer you wait to get started, the more money you’re NOT making with Book Flips!

Book Flips is a KILLER course… and I’m going to make it even easier:

I Will Take All The Risk, So You Have Absolutely NOTHING To Lose!

Book Flips is 100%
For 30 Days

In this day and age, you can’t always count on a product living up to its promises. Believe me, I get that. That’s why I want you to feel secure in your decision to try Book Flips. If for any reason you decide that it’s not for you…

All you have to do is let me know within 30 days of your purchase and I’ll promtly refund all your money.

No questions, no hassles – it’s that simple.



So without any further ado –

Here’s What To Do Now:

Simply click on the order button below. As soon as you order, you’ll receive instructions for accessing product download page. You’ll be able to download the step-by-step guide, grab all of the tools and bonuses, and start creating your books TODAY.


So What Are You Waiting For? It’s Time For Some Book Flipping!

Buy Book Flips


Wishing You Happiness and Success!

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